Erasmus in Prague – Usefull advices

Usefull tips for (not only) incoming student to Prague – capital city of Czech republic. Some of these tips can be use on another cities Brno, Liberec, Pilsner …

SIM card with free internet

If you will buy this SIM card for 200 CZK you will have credit 200 CZK. With this card you have call 2,20 CZK/minute to czech numbers, SMS for 1,50 CZK/piece to czech number, but most important is free internet. It is little bit slow but its for free and for Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger is full-fledged.

Note for CULS students: In your Welcome pack Welcome pack you will receive one SIM card, I am note sure if it is this one.

Best public connection

On this website you need put FROM and TO. After you will have the best way how to reach your destination.

Useful mobile Apps – you can have offline maps for all Czech republic 🙂
Maps – Or you can also use Maps from Google and choose download offline area (Prague).
Jízdní řády IDOS– usefull app for public transport

Currency exchange

If you will want change money in Prague here you have best exchange course for 1 euro you will receive 26.97 CZK, maybe you have better course in country. For VIP you have to print this coupon.

For CULS students


In case that any of international students don’t have accommodation in Prague yet. They can have discount at BoHo once they have ESN card (you can get it at your office at JIH). You just have to use promo code Sleepwith ESN.

Arrivals documents

Once you arrive to university you should visit first Ing. Malaťáková at rektorát (4th floor), she will sign her/his arrival documents. You can show them where is office of their faculty coordinator as well.

Welcome pack

ESN CULS is preparing for international students Welcome pack, which includes SIM carte, USE-IT map of Prague, basic information of public transportation in Prague and many more. To get this stuff you just have to come to our office at dormitories JIH (just follow arrows from lobby).

ESN Facebook group


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